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A la Carte

Handcrafted bagels customized with your color choices. Standard Size – 1 Dozen

Daily Flavors:
Specialty Flavors: 

Specialty Bagels​

Gluten Free and Keto​

Minis - 1 Dozen

Cute little mini bagels

Spreads (8 oz)

Choose from these favorites or have one created just for you:

Bagel Dogs

6 Bagel Dogs

Bagel Chips

Great for dipping in our spreads! Versatile and travels/ ships well!

Planning an event for for a special occasion? Call Us!

Catered Events & Parties

We do not have set menus for catering. Contact us (408) 628-4114 to create a menu for your event!

Custom catering! Make your event colorful and fresh!

From simple custom orders to larger more intricate catering, we are here for you! All of our menus are developed with you specifically for your event!

Priced Per Person

Includes standard sized bagels, spreads, toppings, and drizzles and more elaborate menus as well!